About Us

At Dervea we took inspiration from our own children and their friends. We made a careful note of which party favors went down well and which were not so popular when they got home from party or birthday celebration.

What we discovered was that the kids put a higher value on party gifts that were useful and meaningful. So, we went on a mission to find the perfect premium party favors that offer incredible value and give each child something to play with over and over again.

Conducting our own research inspired us to set out on an exciting, new journey. It led to us setting up and promoting a highly successful international business in children's quality party favors that continues to grow from strength to strength.

We know that our vision of putting meaning back into kids' gifts we give struck a chord with thousands of parents.

Wave Goodbye to Throwaway Toys

The results have been staggering. The days when party favors in our household went straight into the trash can are long gone.

We've transformed the way guests see party gifts so that they become the icing on the cake. Our unique kids' party favors now act as reminders of the good times shared so that memories get cherished for longer.

Each time the kids pick up and play with one of our unique party gifts, they experience a reminder of the precious moments they've shared with their friends. Dervea gifts genuinely are the gifts that keep on giving.

Quality Products at Rock-Bottom Prices

We've also boldly engaged in purchase power. By only offering our customers manageable bulk buys we've been able to keep prices low and affordable. What we can offer are 5-star quality products at amazing prices! This is unrivaled value.

We've put our money where our mouths are by offering party favors that we've been proud to offer at our own children's parties. The emphasis is on meaningful simplicity, creativity, practical fun, and a sincere appreciation of all party guests.

Party Success Is Now in the Bag!

We've also discovered that presentation is very important to kids. You can put the simplest gift in a quality party favor bag and all of a sudden the gift becomes the most exciting they've ever received!

Our range of themed bags are a thoughtful addition to present your kids' party favors. They're evidence that you've thought through all the details of a children's party by choosing a super cool way to give a special "thank you" gift.

Being Mindful About Giving Gifts

Here at Dervea we want to make a small but meaningful difference in how our kids perceive the act of giving and receiving gifts. We want them to live by the mantra, "It's the thought that counts." Join the party and make Dervea your go-to choice for your kids' unique party gifts.